Tom Whipple

Moved to California

I have been living in Ventura, California (where’s that?) for about two weeks now. I love it so far. The weather is a perfect 65-75 and Sunny every day so far. It cools off into the 50s at night. When I leave my apartment, if I turn left on the main cross street, it’s only about 10 minute drive to this beautiful beach. While I was there on Sunday I watched a school of dolphins about 100 yards offshore.

Channel Islands beach

If I turn right on the same street, I am in the hills in about 5 minutes, where there are great views of the whole valley after a short walk. From there, I can look out across the city and see fields of strawberries, oranges, lemons, peaches and other crops. (I have been enjoying unbelievably good fresh strawberries every day.) Beyond The fields are the harbors & beaches. Out near the horizon are the Channel Islands, which are a National Park. I have posted some photos from the drive and my first week here. I am looking forward to starting work on Tuesday.