Tom Whipple

Fire Season Again

This year the fires are hitting a little closer to home. (Fortunately, everything seems to be OK so far.) A couple weeks ago there was a fire in the Ventura River bottom. Today, a more serious fire started on the edge of town and moved up into the hills. The entire hillside burned, but by the time I saw it, it was just a black hill with a bit of smoke coming off. It must have gone over the ridge, since helicopters were dropping water there. (I can still hear them as I write this.) But there wasn’t much smoke coming from the area. It looks like the wind has died for the evening, so I would be surprised if it flares up again. But, it looks like a bigger fire must have started up the coast towards Santa Barbra, because there is a lot of smoke blowing out to sea from much farther west. I took a picture of the sunset and smoke with my iPhone, but can’t seem to get it off the phone without a lot of extra hassle. (Apple has been a big disappointment lately, but that’s another story.) Other relevant links.