Tom Whipple

Etiquette for Recruiters

Ok, here are some dos & don’ts for all you recruiters out there:
  • DON’T cold call me just because I’ve just connected with someone you know on LinkedIn.
  • DON’T pretend that I should know who you are. - If you’ve never spoken to me before, an introduction is appropriate.
  • DON’T just use random keywords from my blog and profile and assume they define me. Just because I’ve written about an SEO talk I went to two years ago doesn’t mean that I do SEO a living. (Hint: My resume & profile talk about software development. SEO is not software development).
  • DON’T just pass on my name and number to a co-worker without any context.
  • DO email me with an introduction and specific details and, if you must call, ask for a good time to do so.
  • DO know who I am and what I do before you call.
  • DO understand that my time is valuable and that, as a contractor,  I’m losing money if I’m talking to you.
(And in case you are thinking about contacting me, I’m not looking for new opportunities at the moment.)